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Competition conditions

Overall competition conditions 

When you participate in a competition held by Bikable, the following terms apply unless anything else is stated. The rules apply both to competitions held on our websites and on our social media.


Conditions for participation and the winner: 

  • As a rule, you can only participate once during the competition period, unless anything else is stated.
  • We will draw lots between the participants, when the competition period is over.
  • The winner will be contacted directly via email.
  • If the prize is digital, it will be sent to the email address provided. Otherwise, it will be sent to an agreed address.
  • If the winner does not respond to our inquiry within 7 working days*, he/she will lose the right to the prize, and a new winner will be drawn instead. *If the deadline deviates from the normal 7 working days, it will appear in the individual competition.
  • We reserve the right to publish the winner's name on and on social media.
  • When participating, registration for Bikable’s newsletter is accepted by participants.

Prize and duration

The duration of the competition, the prize and its value will always appear in every individual competition. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service.


Who can participate?

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • Employees at Bikable and their family members in the household cannot participate in the competition.



  • Bikable is not responsible for printing errors.
  • If cheating is suspected, Bikable has the right to check and exclude participants from the competition.
  • The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash and there is no exchange of goods.
  • The competition is offered by Bikable, Industrivej 5, DK-9575 Terndrup.


Special conditions for competitions on Facebook and Instagram

Participation in Bikable's competitions on Facebook and Instagram takes place on Bikable's pages: and 

The competitions are held by Bikable and are neither sponsored, supported nor in any other way administered by Facebook. Facebook does not receive your information.

As a rule, you participate in Bikable's competitions by commenting on or otherwise interacting with the competition's postings. The requirement for interaction is specifically described in connection with the current competition posting on Facebook and Instagram. Please note that comments on posts on Bikable's Facebook and Instagram page other than the competition post are not registered as participation in the competition in question.

Winners of Bikable's competitions will be contacted via a reply to their comment or in a private message when the competition is over. The winner must then reply via a private message on Facebook containing name, address and telephone number within the applicable deadline. Winners of Bikable's competitions on Facebook will have their name published in the competition post when the competition is over. If the competition involves providing an email or telephone number for participation, the winner will be contacted accordingly.


Processing of personal information

For winners of general competitions and signing up for the newsletter:

  • Your personal information: Name, address and city, will be used to inform the Tax Agency that profit tax has been paid on the prize.
  • We delete your personal information immediately after the prize has been sent to you. Unless otherwise is stated or consent has been given for us to keep the information longer.


When you visit our Social Media

In connection with you visiting us on our social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we process your available information that you have given permission to via social media settings. In addition, we process information about your reactions and comments on our posts as well as any sharing thereof. Based on your behavior, the various providers collect personal data based on your behavior on our pages on their platform. The providers will be able to compare this information with your profile and, based on this, be able to identify you. In that context, the individual providers therefore have a shared or independent data responsibility, and we therefore refer to their policies for use of the platforms: