Spare parts for bicycles

There are an incredible number of different bikes, and almost all models are made up of different parts throughout several different brands. There are also a great many different spare parts for bikes throughout the categories of gear systems, brakes, handlebars, saddles, tires, tubes, handlebar grips, stems, locks, headsets, frames, front forks, and many other components.


Gear systems and brakes

Overall, there are two types of gear systems; external gears and internal gears.

External gear systems have a rear derailleur, cassette, or chainring, and sometimes a front derailleur if there are also gears on the front of the bike. Internal gears have a gear hub, often with 3, 5, 7, or 8 gears.

On external gears, you can have many more gears, since you multiply the number of chainrings at the back by those at the front. So you count all the combinations that can be done on the bike. At the back, there can be up to 12 chainrings at the front, so there are 1, 2, or 3 chainrings on the crankset.

Common to both internal and external gear systems is that there is a shift lever on the handlebars that makes it possible to change gears, most systems work with cable and wire pulls, while other newer systems are electronic.


Cockpit - handlebars, stem, seat post, and saddle

The handlebars, the stem, the seat post, and the saddle. The handlebar grips or the handlebars are often called the cockpit of the bicycle.

These components can come in many different shapes and styles, but the commonality is that almost all bicycles have these parts.



If we look at handlebars, there are different types of handlebars for different bikes. Handlebars are known to come in different shapes and sizes, such as downward-curved handlebars for racers. In contrast, there are also straighter handlebars that we know from mountain bikes, and in addition, the often more backward curved handlebars that are known for their use in city bikes and everyday bikes. The handlebars on BMX bikes also stand out a bit, as they are often much higher.



In general, there are two types of stems; the ahead-system, where the stem does not go down into the frame's crown tube but it's mounted on the outside of the front fork stem that goes up through the frame. In addition, there is also the "old" type, which is still available on many new bikes, where the stem goes down into the frame and connects to the front fork.

Both types are available in different lengths, in versions that are adjustable, and for different handlebar diameters.

When we talk about diameter, it is obvious to also mention seat posts. When you order a new seat post, it is important to check which diameter you need. There are some measurements that are widely used, but in addition to the most normal ones, there are a lot of other sizes. The most normal is 27.2mm and 31.6mm.


Different materials

The handlebars, seat posts, and stems are available in different materials such as carbon, steel, and aluminum.

Handlebar grips and handlebars are also available in different materials: foam, leather, plastic, rubber, cork, etc.

Their most important task is to give you the right comfort when you cycle.


If you have questions about the selection of spare parts or need help finding the right spare part, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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