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About Bikable

Bikable has its head office and warehouse in Terndrup in Denmark. We are today the market leader in equipment, spare parts and accessories for bikes on the Danish market. Our skilled employees in the warehouse handle more than 550,000 orders annually. We currently have +50 employees divided between warehouse and administration.

We are known for selling popular quality products, which are also sold at really good prices. Our range includes both well-known brands and budget-friendly alternatives. We therefore have something for all types of cyclists - whether you are a top professional, a happy amateur, have been cycling for many years or have just learned to pedal. Our competent customer service and fast delivery to our customers have meant that Bikable has built up a large and loyal customer group over time. We are also proud to have the best Trustpilot score in our field.

Bikable has gone from being a small start-up company to take on the big international main players in the market. We started by selling the first bicycle parts back in 2008. Since then Bikable has grown to be a fully-grown e-commerce business that serves customers in both Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and ships to several countries in Europe.

Below you can see some of the highlights from our history:


In 2022, the big international ambitions begin, when Cykelgear A/S launches their new international brand, Bikable. Bikable will henceforth be the brand name abroad and in this connection Sweden and Norway will also become part of the Bikable brand. Continuously, Cykelgear rebrands itself in Denmark with a new visual identity and logo. Cykelgear also gears up the organization for the future growth ambitions and many new colleagues join.


In March, Andreas Bang Nielsen takes over as CEO. In June, Søren Djernæs-Andersen takes over as CFO. Andreas and Søren then make up the management of Cykelgear. At the same time, it makes it possible for the brothers Erik and Kasper Buus Larsen to step out of the day-to-day operations and the board. Today, Erik and Kasper still own a larger share of the company.


Cykelgear enters the Norwegian market.


Kasper Buus Larsen and Erik Buus Larsen sign a partnership with the capital fund Foreman Capital and on this occasion sell a majority share of Cykelgear to the capital fund in October 2021. The Dutch investor specializes in acquiring companies and supporting the growth journey to reach the next level. They will now be contributing to helping out Bikable with reaching its growth ambitions. Kasper and Erik are still involved in the operation, on the board and part of the group of owners.


We get automatic sorting in the warehouse. This means that we can sort out to even more delivery companies than before - and our margin of errors in relation to shipping is significantly reduced.


Covid-19 hits Denmark and for Cykelgear this means explosive growth. Corona causes many gyms to close down for several months. Therefore a lot of people discover that cycling is a great form of exercise. At the same time, several shops also have to close down momentarily, which means that more people shop online. For these reasons, 2020 is a busy year for Cykelgear.


Cykelgear acquires Later that year, Cykelgear also buys the remaining sales from the Swedish company Bihr Nordic AB.


Cykelgear acquires


Cykelgear acquires


Cykelgear again finds that the space becomes too tight. Therefore, buildings are bought after the bankrupt steel truss factory, Karl Molin in Terndrup, North Jutland. This means that now has +15,000 m2 of storage. At the same time, a new robot-controlled warehouse is being established.


Cykelgear enters the Swedish market with At the same time, the number of employees is growing, as more people are hired for the warehouse, customer service and marketing.


Cykelgear is again experiencing growing pains and buys a new and larger building of 1,695 m2 at Industriparken in Hadsund. The new building provides extra space for having a workshop and the warehouse. At the same time, the possibility of an even bigger store also arises.


The selection in the warehouse is greatly expanded and the space suddenly becomes too cramped again. Cykelgear is therefore moving to larger premises, as they move into a 800 m2 building on Textilvænget in Hadsund.


Cykelgear goes from being a hobby to now being a company with two employees. In March, they expand by buying approx. 50 m2 premises in Hadsund, North Jutland. In December, Cykelgear moves into new and larger premises, where they also open a physical store in Hadsund.


The brothers Erik Buus Larsen and Kasper Buus Larsen found Cykelgear A/S. The idea arises from the fact that they themselves wants cheaper spare parts for their own bikes. They are budding cycling enthusiasts themselves and don't want to go without perfect gear for their bikes.