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Sponsors and collaborations

We make it possible to become bikable

At Bikable, we collaborate with both clubs and individuals.

If you have a talent for cycling, we could possibly be interested in a collaboration with you, where we can support you to live out the sport. Perhaps, you are a passionate cyclist and have many followers on social media. Then a collaboration could be ideal for both you and us.


Before completing the application form

We receive many applications for various forms of sponsorships every week. All applications sent to our marketing department, via the form below, are considered from a commercial perspective. We therefore review all applications and consider each individual case carefully, and although we would really like to, unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to support all the good causes for which we receive inquiries.


We therefore ask you to carefully consider your purpose and background for applying before you send the application.


The following types of sponsorships are not considered:

  • As a rule, we do not give out monetary sponsorships, only products and/or merchandise
  • Events with shorter notice than 30 days


For sponsorships in sports, we support both team sports as well as individuals. We give sponsorships to teams and associations both locally, regionally and nationally. We primarily want to support causes that have a connection to our industry - cycling - whether it is a hobby, on an amateur level or on a professional level. If you think you can strengthen our sponsor portfolio, you are welcome to apply. You can do so by sending us an email to [email protected], att: Marketing.

Your email shall contain the following information: 

  1. Contact person

  2. Email

  3. Address

  4. Phone

  5. Address of event/sponsorship

  6. Type:

    1. Product

    2. Merchandise

  7. Field:

    1. Sports in general

    2. Racing and road

    3. MTB

    4. Cross/BMX

    5. Gravel

    6. Team sport

    7. other cycling sports

  8. When [state the date]

  9. Expected sales of our products [total amount of revenue]

  10. Target and age group

  11. Expected number of participants [exact number or interval i.e. 1800-2000]

  12. Do you already have an agreement with Bikable? [yes/no]

  13. Why should we have an agreement with you? What do you have to offer?


If we find your application relevant and within our primary sponsor area, you will be contacted directly by us. You can expect a response time of 2-3 weeks, as we continuously receive a great share of applications, all of which must be processed. If you have not heard from us within the above mentioned period, your application has unfortunately not progressed and you have therefore not been considered for sponsorship.

We will save your inquiry so that we have the opportunity to contact you later on, should a new opportunity arise.