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Team Bikable

Meet the team at Bikable

Bikable is an ambitious company and a workplace for competent and dedicated employees, who all do their part to ensure that our customers have a great buying experience. At the same time, it is also important for everyone in the team that we each do our part to ensure that Bikable is the best place to work.

Currently, we are more than 50 employees at Bikable. We have committed employees in our purchasing department, our own clever in-house software developers, skilled employees in our marketing department, fast and efficient warehouse staff, very friendly, efficient and competent employees in our customer service, sharp financial staff, a very careful cleaning and service employee and a management staff that is ambitious and welcoming. We are in favor of a flat structure and that going to work should be fun.

We collaborate across departments throughout the company. Although we each work with our own assignments, our job functions still overlap, which gives Bikable a great sense of being one big unit. And therefore, we are able to provide the best service to our customers.


Andreas Bang Nielsen


Søren R. Djernæs-Andersen



Annika Frandsen

Marketing Project Coordinator

Lise Brogaard Dyg

SEO Copywriter

Henrik Sundström

Country Lead Sweden

Malinette Lokreim Holving

Country Lead Norway

Anders Skou Kristiansen

Content Specialist

Mette J. Nielsen

Graphic Designer

Morten Spindler

E-Mail Automation Specialist

Hanna Schadel Werner

E-Commerce Translator

Frida Selim

E-Commerce Translator

Line Grymyr Due

E-Commerce Translator

Anna Katinka von der Fehr

E-Commerce Translator


Karsten Kjær Winterberg

Head of Purchasing

Klaus Weitling Hjelm

Product Manager

Rune Olsen

Product Manager

Software Development

Mark Høgh Guldbrandsen

IT Project Manager

Jonas Rasmussen

Software Developer

Morten Pedersen

Software Developer


Jill Bach Børgeen

Financial Controller

Customer Service

Rasmus Echwald Andersen

Customer Service Manager

Johanne Blach

Customer Service Teamleader

Nicklas Boll

Product Specialist

Troels Thulstrup

Product Specialist

Jesper Deleuran

Product Specialist

Rasmus Lyngsø

Customer Service Agent

Sandra Oue

Customer Service Agent

Warehouse and Facility

Maria Nielsen Lausen

Warehouse Manager

Daniel Rothmann

Warehouse Teamleader

Katarzyna Kopciuch

Warehouse Teamleader

Sandra Sadowska-Rolka

Warehouse Teamleader

Janni Urfeldt

Service Assistant