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Swissstop Silencer 50ml (MTB Disc)
Swissstop Silencer 50ml (MTB Disc)

Swissstop Silencer 50ml (MTB Disc)

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SwissStop Silencer is a biodegradable fluid, which removes and protects against the noice from the disc brakes. The use of Silencer will reduce irreguality and vibrations from the brake surfrace, and give the discs an even better brake ability and a longer lifetime/durability. Any vibrations will at the same time be eliminated.

How do I do?

The handling is easy. Cleaning the surface on the discpads and spray Silencer directly on the brake surface.

After this you need to brake a couple of times, and the noice is gone.

1. Take the brake pads off

(Can be done while they are on)

2. Clean the pads with cleaner (degreasing/solution product)

3. Spray the silencer directly on the pads

How long does it work?

The test shows that the cyclists can drive up to 1800km before they here any noice from the brakes again.

Swissstop Silencer can be used to all types of MTB dick brake systems, and is not dangerous for metal or other parts on the brakes.

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