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Brake Pads BBB TriStop V-brake Rubber
Brake Pads BBB TriStop V-brake Rubber

Brake Pads BBB TriStop V-brake Rubber

MODEL: B7-31513 (7376)
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BBB TriStop V-brake rubber (BBS-15T) is an effective brake pad that, with its three different brake patterns, symbolized in three different colors, ensures a powerful braking on both dry and wet roads. The design of the block ensures the removal of water, which ensures good grip in wet conditions. In addition, one of the block's three patterns counteracts various noises during braking.

The three brake patterns make the block extremely attractive as an all-round brake block that does not compromise in rain or on days with high sunshine.

The item consists of a total of 2 sets of brake pads - 4 pads in total.v

70 mm

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