Reelight magnet frontlight SL520
Reelight magnet frontlight SL520

Reelight magnet frontlight SL520

MODEL: SL520F (7933)
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Reelight SL 520 with backup. It is a magnetic light, which continues to flash even when you're at a stop, thanks to the backup system.

The number of flashes depends on how fast you're going.

At a speed of 20 km/h it'll flash 200 times a minute

​The light has won a Eurobike Award thanks to the increased focus on traffic security, enviromental care, innovative function and concept.

SL 520 is made with wide angle optics, which spreads the light out in 180 degrees, that secures you the optimal visibility

It is designed to be fitted on the handlebar.

It weighs 200 gram

The light comes with 2 magnets, a generator and mounts

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